Thursday, January 31, 2008

Huh? Wha?...


Wow. This really burns me up. In my opinion, one of the top problems in this country is the rampant stupidity of our own citizens - "the dumbing" down of America if you will. Now, I'm not speaking about people's ability to learn, I'm speaking about their willingness to learn, to open their freakin' eyes to the real issues of importance around us right now.

When I visited the CNN web site this morning as I do each morning with my coffee, the top story under the heading "Popular News" is that Max Baer, Jr's girlfriend committed suicide. Excuse me?! THIS is the most popular news story in America according to CNN?! Jethro's girlfriend kills herself?

(Yes. That Jethro.)
Why should anyone except personal friends and relatives of the deceased be concerned with this. WHY is the "most popular" news story in the country? A couple of weeks ago, a young man in my town was killed in the war in Iraq leaving behind grieving family and friends and the empty, swept away promises of a life that could have been. Why wasn't that the most popular news story?

It's shocking to me how so many American's are so obsessed with the trite artificial world of celebrities while the country rots and collapses around them. When I see that stories about manic depressive, substance abusing, no-talent, white trash tramps or suicidal girlfriends of washed up third-rate sit-com stars from 40 years ago, trump real issues in this country like this disgraceful blood bath of a war in Iraq, or our super-fragile American economy teetering on collapse, or our country's weakening infrastructure, immigration reform, environmental challenges and the issue of who will the next president be that will either help us out of this crap or pulls down deeper into the mire, I want to run screaming into the path of the next city bus.

When I was growing up, the message was made clearly to me that the future would be in our hands. I actually remember being excited about finally being able to vote. Do you know what I see kids obsessed with today?

When they should should really start paying attention to this

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