Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hit the New Year Running...

It's the evening of the first day of 2006. While I had quite a bit of fun last night, I spent the day packing up my artwork and my bags in preparation for my solo exhibit back in the town I grew up in, the ever quaint Bowling Green, KY.

This will be my first solo exhibit in KY, and in my hometown to boot. I've had very successful exhibits up and down the east coast with no anxiety at all. What is it then, about returning to your hometown after so many years, that makes this show so different for me? That's going to be one of the aspects of this practically month long visit that I intend to examine.

Obviously, this is going to be a important trip for me on many levels for many reasons. Though, above all, for myself, it's important to remember that beginning the new year with a solo exhibit, is a damn fine way to hit the New Year running...I hope to document as much of it here as I can - however, am I totally exhausted at the moment and I am going to drift off, hopefully, to a deep slumber.

Stay tuned for much more - the journey begins tomorrow.