Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Signing Bash : Rich Barnett’s “The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town: Rehoboth Beach Stories”

I had the distinct pleasure over the weekend of being in attendance for the book singing party for my friend Rich Barnett. Rich is a highly charismatic, wonderfully witty, gentle giant of a man; he’s one of those people that always seem to have a sparkle in their eye when speaking. His writing, which I highly recommend, reflects his Southern charm and keen sense of humor.

Click on the cover of his book  to read excerpts and to purchase from


The book signing was a fantastic poolside affair and I was quick with my iPhone to document some of the bash.

Poolside at the event.

Well wishers cheer Rich and toast to the success of his book.

Rich Barnett addresses the crowd.

Prudential Gallo REALTOR® and Associate Broker George Thomasson makes his way through the crowd.

Poolside at the event. I forget this charming woman’s name – I think it is Kathy or Katherine. The scarf draped over her shoulders was glorious.

Another shot of Rich addressing the crowd…

More festive attendees. I believe this is Bobby from Bad Hair Day

The party continues. Paul Nye and Jerry Hofer center.

Rich signs copies of his book at the event. In the foreground (with glasses) is another celebrated local author, Fay Jacobs.

More guests in line for cocktails…

Pool side attendees…

A wonderful time had by all…

Friday, June 15, 2012

21 Household Uses For Vodka - Hic...

And you thought it was just for Martinis, Cosmos and Bloodys...

Monday, June 04, 2012

Sound O’ The Past….


I just came across a great article on the Atlantic Monthly’s web site entitled The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol' Dial-Up Modem Sound. It’s a well written and fascinating article that explains what was happening (or, what is happening for those who may actually still use a dial up modem – is that even possible?) during that cacophonous yet oddly alluring sound that would take place when a modem would “piggyback on an analog telephone network”.

It’s also worth the read just to hear that sound again. At times, that same sound would once be the bane of my sanity when trying to get online back in the 90’s. If done successfully - and the sound went through it’s predictable song of clicks, beeps and buzzes -  then it was smooth sailing like an effortless merge onto a busy highway. When it didn’t work – that dropped connection “klunk” sound would prove wildly frustrating.

Read the article for old time’s sake, but if you’re simply curious, or pressed for time, and you can recall the sound from your memory banks without having to hear it anew, then you may appreciate this info-graphic that explains the process step by step through the sound….