Friday, December 30, 2011

Vintage New Years Cards Facebook Covers

In order to kick off the New Year with a good start, I created these New Years Eve themed Facebook Cover images for the new FB design. These have been fashioned in Photoshop from vintage, early 20th century Postcards to work perfectly as cover images in Facebook. Click on the image below for the larger version which is the size you’ll need for the cover image. Then  

  1. Go to your timeline
  2. Click Add a Cover
  3. Choose choose “upload a new photo” and direct it to the are where you have saved the image
  4. Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking on the image and dragging it up or down
  5. Click Save

Happy New Year and Good Cheer!






Sunday, December 18, 2011

Risky, dangerous, selfish behavior…


Following suit of surrounding states,  last year Delaware wisely banned the use of a speaking on a phone while driving (unless a hands free device is being used) and all texting. Even though there is a stiff fine attached to the law's violation, I still see people blatantly ignoring it every time I get on the road.

Every. Single. Time.

Clearly, the law isn't being enforced. I find that surprising considering there have been people killed in phone related accidents in this area in the last few years. I cringe when I see people doing it. They're usually easy to spot as they are usually the ones driving slower than most and weaving in and out lanes.

I once heard an interview with a policeman who said that they recognize phone related distracted drivers because they drive just like like drunk drivers. That's how dangerous and problematic this is.

I'm on the road frequently between Delaware and DC. If I could shoot a laser beam from my eyes that would transform the cell phone someone is chatting or texting on while driving into the rotted, fetid corpse of a dead fish I'd do it in a heartbeat.

The New York Times has a very good article in the December 17th issue titled “
2 Habits Hard to Break: Smoking and Phone While Driving - Reframing the Debate Over Using Phones Behind the Wheel” .

There’s a great line from Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychiatry at the Stanford University Medical Center, in the article that reads, even addicted smokers, he said, do not light up in theaters or churches. The same thing can happen with distracted driving. “If we create a different culture,” he said, “some of the people who feel addicted will stop.”

If you read the article, you’ll understand the context. And you’ll understand why he’s right.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Artwork of Josh George

I had a pre-sunrise, aesthetically pleasing, eye-opening experience this morning of stumbling across the work of artist Josh George

Even a brief visit to the gallery on his website reveals a truly gifted painter who has forged a clear mastery of paint to recreate his vision onto canvas honed with immense skill.

His work is beautifully composed and rich with depth and emotion. His color choices are  visually completely appropriate for the work as the perfectly meld like long lost puzzle pieces snapping seamlessly together into a dreamscape of surreal narratives that waft into the subconscious of the viewer and tap them on the shoulder releasing misted memories of the past. Like the scent of burning wood from a distant fire undulating through the frosted air of a winter’s night, his paintings give one pause as they strike hauntingly familiar chords from music that you know you but just can’t quite place.

If you get a chance, visit his site and see for yourself. You’ll be impresses to say the least…

“To Regale Luxuriously and Give Free Scope To” 48 x 48 © All rights reserved by Josh George

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A speech to be remembered by history…

Amazingly, I can't find the words to express how important and moving this Hillary Rodham Clinton’s address before the United Nations in Geneva is. The Advocate describes it as a speech "to be remembered by history", to which I agree. In my opinion, if you are a member of the LGBT community, or care for someone who is, then it is absolutely vital that you watch the speech and then  - share it. This is how equality begins... 

LA Switzerland Clinton-Human Rights.JPEG-06261.jpg
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton shakes hands after her speech on human rights issues at United Nations headquarters in Geneva. (Anja Niedringhaus, AP / December 6, 2011)

WATCH: The Speech You’ve Been Waiting For Hillary...

Thursday, December 01, 2011

iPhone Finger Dysfunction….


It's rather frustrating when you've just left a voice-mail for someone via your iPhone and you think the call has ended and you begin singing rather loudly along with one of your favorite Steely Dan tunes from the Aja album that starts playing in the background and you just happen to notice when you hit the chorus that you're still being very much recorded onto the voice-mail from the call that never ended in the first place. Very frustrating indeed...