Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Artwork of Josh George

I had a pre-sunrise, aesthetically pleasing, eye-opening experience this morning of stumbling across the work of artist Josh George

Even a brief visit to the gallery on his website reveals a truly gifted painter who has forged a clear mastery of paint to recreate his vision onto canvas honed with immense skill.

His work is beautifully composed and rich with depth and emotion. His color choices are  visually completely appropriate for the work as the perfectly meld like long lost puzzle pieces snapping seamlessly together into a dreamscape of surreal narratives that waft into the subconscious of the viewer and tap them on the shoulder releasing misted memories of the past. Like the scent of burning wood from a distant fire undulating through the frosted air of a winter’s night, his paintings give one pause as they strike hauntingly familiar chords from music that you know you but just can’t quite place.

If you get a chance, visit his site and see for yourself. You’ll be impresses to say the least…

“To Regale Luxuriously and Give Free Scope To” 48 x 48 © All rights reserved by Josh George

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