Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enough. Winter. Already.

I’m not really the type of chap to bemoan the weather on any kind of grand scale. At least, no more so than then average Joe or Jane on the street sludging through the frozen rush hour commute.

But this morning, I feel the urge to sculpt a soap box out of snow, stand upon it an announce to the universe that I have had enough! Enough snow. Enough ice. Enough Arctic blasts. Enough sub-zero temperatures and enough Holy Freakin’ Hannah wind chills.

Perhaps one of the many Winter Gods or Goddesses (Ymir and Skadi from the Norse, Boreas and his wife Orithyia along with daughter Chione from the Greek, Cailleach from Ireland, Yuki-onna from Japan and good ol’ Jack Frost for starters) will put down their frozen daiquiris long enough to listen to my plea.

But I doubt it.

In the interim, feel free to enjoy this warm photo of the view taken from inside my studio to a freshly and particularly snowy and frigid morning…