Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here it comes....

Be afraid folks, be very afraid...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Wow - what do you know. I turn my back for a minute and six days have flown by. Well, clearly Autumn has begun. I am so very fine with that. Somehow I managed to mis the news of the passing of no other than Danny Flores. Who was Danny Flores you may ask. He was the composer of the mega-huge 1958 hit "Tequilla". One online article described it as a " classic instrumental" which "featured Flores' instantly recognizable saxophone line and his periodic growl of the sole lyric – "Tequila!". It has to be one of the most famous songs of al time with that classic "ba dum budda badum bahdum - ba dum budda badum buhm ...tequilla!" Unfortunately, its states in the article that he sold the rights to the song for a pittance.

I caught an intriguing film on Tuner Classic Movies last night. It was titled "Death of A Cyclist" though it seems to have had several different titles including "The Age of Infidelity" and "Egoisti". Though it seems to have been panned during it's initial release, the film has aged well and I really enjoyed it. Here's how the NYTimes describes it "Originally titled Muerte de un Ciclista (Death of a Cyclist), it is a Spanish-filmed guilt trip with overtones of social upheaval. The young wife (Lucia Bose) of an older industrialist inaugurates an affair with a university professor. While driving from their trysting place, the adulterous couple runs down and a cyclist. They can't go to help him without exposing their affair, so the cyclist is left to die on the side of the road. The consequences of this act destroys the lovers' lives -- but not before director Juan Antonio Bardem has illustrated the shallow upper-class lifestyle that has fostered the woman's amorality in the first place. Shorn of its sociological implications (which incurred the wrath of the Spanish press), the plotline of Age of Infidelity was later cannibalized for innumerable American TV dramas, and for the 1965 Theatre Five radio playlet "Ride to Nowhere."
There is one brilliant and visually riveting scene where the leads are visiting a flamenco club together which makes the whole film worthwhile in my opinion. Also, you can't help but be entranced by Lucia Bose (Ms. Italy 1947), is stunningly beautiful and seductive in the lead role.

Lucia Bose circa 1952

Here is my latest work which I finished yesterday:

36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas

Now, it is time to begin my new work for my friend Randi Rhodes, who has commissioned me to paint her portrait.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Try to remember...

Ah - the joy of returning home. Last night was the first night that I have spent in my usual bed for over a week. Though I had every intention of documenting my mini-road trip through the south, it just didn't come into being. I was easily distracted from my Mac for a variety of reasons. I had a wonderful time - met some new people, visited with some old friends and family, and managed to sell two paintings as well. The states that I traveled through ( Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland) are geographically beautiful.

I only wish that I had taken more photos. Like the computer, it somehow got left in my bag during my adventures. Which, actually, is fine. Somethings are just meant to live on in the memory and no where else.

Today also happens to be the first day of autumn.

It often plays around annually within a few hours, but more or less, September 21st is the day. It was also on this day 5 years ago that my father died joining my mother who had died in 1989. Anniversaries of this nature naturally cause one to reflect. But, these are interpersonal thoughts that I will keep in my mind and free from this digital forum.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Superman vs Wig-Wam Village

Surprise Surprise I have been up since 4:00 AM. Perhaps that's what afternoon naps are for. Well, at least I was able to witness and digitally capture a particularly spectacular sunrise over the bay.

Rehoboth Bay

I saw the film Hollywoodland last night. I was on the list of films that George and I wanted to see. We both thoroughly enjoyed the film. I found the whole did or did George Reeves not commit suicide story rather compelling.

Photo of Noel Neill ("Lois Lane") and George Reeves ("Superman")

Based upon stories that I have read from the case, the film stay pretty true to reality. There is one particularly edgy scene where a little boy dressed as a cowboy shows up at a publicity function and wants to bounce bullets off of Superman's chest. The only problem is that the kid has a real gun loaded with real bullets.

This is also supposedly based on an actual event. The entire cast was spectacular, but Adrian Brody really was amazing and I would be surprised not to see an Oscar nomination for him.

The same can be said for Diane Lane and of course, Ben Afleck as well. After watching the film and based upon my own reading of the case, I have to believe that he was murdered. There are just so many oddities connected to his death that night that would rule out suicide. You can read more about George Reeves, his life and career as well as this intriguing case here:

My new musical obsession is the Polyphonic Spree.

I was first turned onto them about 3 years ago ( it may have been longer) when they were featured on an NPR segment. They slipped through my memory banks however until I ran across them online last night. They are very conceptual ( with 20 plus multi-colored choir robe wearing band members) and I find their music brilliant. I purchased their latest EP on ITunes this morning for 5 bucks. It may be the best 5 dollars I've ever spent. Check out their visually compelling website here:

So. I'm off on my mini-road-trip to the South today. I intend to have a great time. This time of year is particularly lovely in "Kentuckasee" and I'll be able to visit with some close family and friends - and maybe even be able to take in a roadside peculiarity or two...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lovely Tuesday

Wow - Tuesday already. My whole weekend and the Monday that followed flew by. I spent a large part of my weekend in NYC. I was there to visit my friend Randi Rhodes who has comissioned me to paint her portrait. She held this great little gathering at her place and we had a total blast. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Great people, great friends, great conversation. I also smoked enough cigarettes (which I rarely do anymore) to supply Hong Kong and drank enough martini's to keep Las Vegas afloat for a few years - but we had a blast.

Sprouse and Rhodes

Sprouse and Rhodes

I'm on the road again starting tomorrow. Going down south for Art Business. I'll be posting from the road - so check back if interested.

Peace, love and light,

Friday, September 08, 2006


On this day in 1932 was born country music icon Patsy Cline in a little town in Virginia. Where I grew up in Kentucky, she was legendary. I have always had quite the soft spot in my heart for her songs, especially her soulful ballads which were tinged with hue of wistful melancholy, like all great country and folk music. This is a digitally enhanced image of her that I created. It is from the last known photograph taken of her before her tragic death.

Patsy Cline

The original can be found here.

Steve Miller band's "Wild Mountain Honey" just came on over my XM satellite radio. This makes me want to say "Hello, Sandy, wherever you are!". Anyone who knew me then when that reference would make sense, also knew Sandy and her strong affection for that song. And if any of them are reading this entry, they are smiling too.
Peace, light, and love,

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cocoa Paint...

Wow - I never want to drive through heavy rain again. 90% of my ride back yesterday to Philadelphia consisted of my maneuvering through, according to the weather channel, the remains of Hurricane John. Is that true - I don't know. I spend most of last weekend watching the remains of Ernesto swallow the beach only to battle John on the way back. I thought John was in California. Where ever it came from, it created a white knuckle driving experience of driving through what seemed like a 2 hour high-pressure car wash in my little VW Bug while being sandwiched between two semis. Sounds like fun, no?

After surviving the deluge, I spent most of the day yesterday on the phone speaking to the Art Director from the high-end design group (McCartan) that had selected prints of my work for the lobby of the famous Cocoa Exchange in NYC.

(3 large scale fine art reproductions of my work grace the lobby of the above building)

It's also the lobby where the photo for the August/September issue of Trader Monthly was taken.

I also spent some time in the studio cleaning up water that had gotten in. So, overall not a bad for a Tuesday.

What I found of interest today is that the photo that I posted on of Steve Irwin has become somewhat of a internet homage of sorts. I didn't really mean for it for that reason. Well, sort of. But, I'm just amazed at how popular he was and still is. As of right now, the picture has been viewed over 850 times and has had over 30 comments and 25 people have called it a "favorite". That's a new record for photo I've posted I think. I wonder what, if any, effect all of that energy may have on the soul energy for someone who has passed into that dimension. In any event, I've had a good studio day today and am looking forward to getting in some time tomorrow as well.

Studio Time

Monday, September 04, 2006

In Memoriam...

It's Labor Day 2006. I must begin by saying that I was a bit heartbroken when I read about the unfortunate and unexpected death of Steve Irwin aka "the crocodile hunter".

Though I had only seen his programs on a few occasions, he had a definitive charisma and charm connected to his work that made him fascinating to watch. He would get as excited as a kid at a candy store and some of his scenes practically would crackle with excitement as he would draw uncomfortably near a particularly dangerous creature. He died doing what he loved.

In Memoriam...
Steve Irwin
22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006


September once again. Frankly, after a particular topsy-turvy summer, I have never been as willing to welcome autumn as I am now.
I love autumn and it's glorious color and crisp air.

With that said, now this, since I am in between the ages of both - and they are born on this day, I say

Happy Birthday Keanu (42)

and Salma (40)