Thursday, September 21, 2006

Try to remember...

Ah - the joy of returning home. Last night was the first night that I have spent in my usual bed for over a week. Though I had every intention of documenting my mini-road trip through the south, it just didn't come into being. I was easily distracted from my Mac for a variety of reasons. I had a wonderful time - met some new people, visited with some old friends and family, and managed to sell two paintings as well. The states that I traveled through ( Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland) are geographically beautiful.

I only wish that I had taken more photos. Like the computer, it somehow got left in my bag during my adventures. Which, actually, is fine. Somethings are just meant to live on in the memory and no where else.

Today also happens to be the first day of autumn.

It often plays around annually within a few hours, but more or less, September 21st is the day. It was also on this day 5 years ago that my father died joining my mother who had died in 1989. Anniversaries of this nature naturally cause one to reflect. But, these are interpersonal thoughts that I will keep in my mind and free from this digital forum.

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