Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cocoa Paint...

Wow - I never want to drive through heavy rain again. 90% of my ride back yesterday to Philadelphia consisted of my maneuvering through, according to the weather channel, the remains of Hurricane John. Is that true - I don't know. I spend most of last weekend watching the remains of Ernesto swallow the beach only to battle John on the way back. I thought John was in California. Where ever it came from, it created a white knuckle driving experience of driving through what seemed like a 2 hour high-pressure car wash in my little VW Bug while being sandwiched between two semis. Sounds like fun, no?

After surviving the deluge, I spent most of the day yesterday on the phone speaking to the Art Director from the high-end design group (McCartan) that had selected prints of my work for the lobby of the famous Cocoa Exchange in NYC.

(3 large scale fine art reproductions of my work grace the lobby of the above building)

It's also the lobby where the photo for the August/September issue of Trader Monthly was taken.

I also spent some time in the studio cleaning up water that had gotten in. So, overall not a bad for a Tuesday.

What I found of interest today is that the photo that I posted on of Steve Irwin has become somewhat of a internet homage of sorts. I didn't really mean for it for that reason. Well, sort of. But, I'm just amazed at how popular he was and still is. As of right now, the picture has been viewed over 850 times and has had over 30 comments and 25 people have called it a "favorite". That's a new record for photo I've posted I think. I wonder what, if any, effect all of that energy may have on the soul energy for someone who has passed into that dimension. In any event, I've had a good studio day today and am looking forward to getting in some time tomorrow as well.

Studio Time

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