Friday, March 31, 2006

"I SAID bring me some more BONBONS!"

Though I haven't posted a WTF in the while, I found the words leaving my lips this morning after this experience.

It's a little after 6:30 AM, I'm watching CNN and one of the lead stories is about super model Naomi Campbell throwing a phone at her maid. Why would anyone beside her, her attorneys, the maid and her attorneys care about this drivel?

Though, when I study the image of her above, I can actually see her thinking, "interrupt me again bitch and you're going to eat this phone".

On a different note, tonight begins the last run of "Earnest". We will be having guests in from out of town and two cast parties. I'm wondering now if the actual performance won't be the least fun of this coming weekend. So, after the disastrous incident that occurred during Act I last Sunday, please, if you're reading this, wish me a "break your leg".

Thursday, March 30, 2006

To bid or not to bid...

I just read this online and thought it was fascinating...
Particularly when you learn that Macbeth would't even exsist today had it not been for the book.

Is Your Back Back Bad Today?

Though it is a beautiful early Spring day, I somehow managed to begin the day with a terrible lower back ache that has be hobbling about like an ancient old man.

Well, it's actually not quite that bad, yet, but it seems to be approaching that area.
I wonder how much of it has to do with the fact that the final weekend of the show kicks in Friday. I must admit, shamefully, that I wish this how had only a one weekend run. It's not that the show isn't enjoyable - the crowds really seem to enjoy the performances. I just have much to do in other more important areas of my life. However, this chapter will end after Sunday's show and then back to normal.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Her name was Lola...

It's early Wednesday morning. I awoke around 5:45 and it is now 6:42 AM. I slept very little last night - all types of thoughts running through my mind. Much was accomplished yesterday in regards to the studio renovation.

As you can see form this exciting photo, all of the insulation has been put into place. Insulation has a very strong odor, not unlike that of gasoline.

It really won't be long now at all until this is finished and I can begin painting again. I am very anxious for this to occur.

I was pleased to see upon arrival Monday afternoon, that all of my bulbs that I planted last October are starting to come alive with the warmth of Spring.

This is something that fills me with wonder each year. I love growing plants in the garden. It is very grounding. Last night, George, Tom, Larry and myself went into Philadelphia and ended up on South Street where we had burgers and margaritas at Copabanana. While there, a very drunk young lady who identified herself as an airline attendant approached the table. She said that she was looking for a guy. No one in particular, just any guy. She drunkenly asked if we were gay - which seemed to bother Larry somewhat because he asked her if she had coma all the way over to the table just to ask us that. She said no, but then claimed that her work as an airline attendant made her ability to recognize gay men stronger than most for some reason. She was actually very nice in a drunken cute way. She loved my hair, proclaiming it as "fucking great" and kept running her hands through it. My stylist would be pleased.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

But I don't like the duck....

Tuesday morning, early. It's close to 8 AM but I have been up since 4:45 AM - though I spent the first 15 minutes laying in bead bleary eyed listening to the pre- dawn bird chorus. It seems, in my experience at least, that that is not a sound that I can connect to Winter. It either seems to start in Spring, or perhaps only I begin to notice it then. In any event, it is a sound that I always enjoy listening to. It is timeless, natural and innocent.

My head was also a little fuzzy after the wonderful chunky monkey martinis that Tom made. Tom and Larry are here to help George and I work on the studio. Late in the afternoon/early evening before dinner Tom introduced us to the elegant and sinfully delicious combo of chocolate, cream, banana liquor and vodka in a icy martini glass. They went down a bit too easily.
Prior to that element however, I walked with Tom and Larry and their dogs to the lovely Knight's Park which is a short jaunt up the street.

I saw the most immense tree there. It had to be a least 200 hundred years old.This image really can't do it justice, but it must be the largest tree in the park out of many.

I also managed to see this somewhat creepy children's play item...

I can only assume that in it's heyday, this duck was considered cute and likeable. Somehow, it seems now that it has crossed over into the valley of the maniacal and disturbing. It looks angry and is surely the one critter in the park that only the bravest of children would dare get upon.

Monday, March 27, 2006

This can't be happening...

It always amazes me when, during a theatrical performance run, you can have one great night and then the next day, something, well, much less than great. Yesterday, during the afternoon matinee, I had one of the worst experiences of my life on stage. I think it’s called a “deer in headlights” moment.

From what the other loyal and very understanding cast members told me, most of them have had one at one point in their on stage experiences as well.
The thing that really bothers me is that I don’t know why it happened. I mean, I do know why it progressed the way it did, but as to what caused the initial car to derail, I have no idea.
The scenario is as thus, I had just delivered the line that starts, if Gwendolyn accepts me, I shill kill my brother”. My character is speaking metaphorically about killing an alter ego of his. It gets a laugh from the audience. My next line starts with “ If I should marry a charming girl like Gwendolyn” which came out all well, but then FOR SOME unknown reason I repeat, “I shall kill my brother”. And that is where the first domino fell. I knew that I had misspoken my line. So, while staying in character I then said, “No, what I mean is” and then it happened. My mind went blank. Eric and I ( he is playing Algernon – wonderfully I might add) just froze and stared at each other. My forgetting the line threw him to he point where he forgot his follow up line. So, we just stared at each other blankly for what seemed like an eternity. Then he finally said, “Well?” and he began to adlib a line. Now panic sets in, so at the point in time anything that comes into my mind, EXCEPT the next line of course, is going to be blurted out. And it was, which is why I said “I’m sorry, I think that we should ring the bell”.
All of this is being said in character of course. The reason that I suggested that we ring the bell is because the next characters that come on stage are supposed to be Lady Bracknell and her Gwendolyn. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought in a nano-second that that would trigger them to ring the bell offstage. Well, Eric does ring the bell but he calls for Lane the butler. He enters and Eric adlibs again about the missing cucumber sandwiches (if you have ever seen “Earnest” you know what I’m talking about). Lane then says “do you want me to go get some?” The whole time, a voice is my head is saying “this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening”. Fortunately, it was at that point that the bell rang, and in came Laby B and Gwen. And we all got back on track. Lady B was so shaken however, while offstage, by what had happened on stage that her teacup was shaking the entire time like a leaf on a tree.
I was told later my the tech crew that it only seemed like a brief pause form the audience and that most of them thought that the bell had malfunctioned. It seemed like an eternity on stage.

All I know is that I NEVER want that to happen again. Fortunately, George and I are off to the lovely Collingswood today to work on my studio. Larry and Tom will be joining us and I won’t even have to think about “Earnest” until next Thursday evening.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Eh? Speak up boy!

Here it is late Sunday morning. I have to be back at the theatre in 2 hours for the matinee performance of The Importance of Being Earnest. The curtain goes up at 2:00. I must admit, we had a great show last night. The house was packed and very responsive. If you’ve ever been on stage performing in any way whatsoever...

you understand how important that is. I had a whole crew of friends in the audience which helped tremendously as well, not to mention my partner George who quite honestly praised the performance of the entire cast. Believe me; if he thought it was weak, he would have said so. We also had our beloved Marnie as a houseguest for the weekend. She loved the show and we her visit. Of course, I would probably feel a bit better now and much less fuzzy had I not stayed up to 1:30 AM drinking wine, eating and laughing with her and a few other guests from the cast. But, hey, that’s what weekends are for.

That is a photo from a scene from last night's performance. This would be ACTII where I first learn of Algy's visit. I'm on the right in the dark "mourning" suit. Now, it is time for me to chill for a bit before hitting the stage this afternoon. I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the matinee – for one reason, you have to speak so much more loudly on stage for the majority of the audience…

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The vital importance of being earnest...

Wow- finally another entry. Does anyone actually read this blog any longer? OK, I hit a very busy period that ran from February until, well, actually I’m still not over it. Last night was the opening night for The Importance of Being Earnest. Devoting yourself to any type of theatrical production can be time consuming to say the least. So. Lets just say thatt is the main reason that I have been behind in updating this blog. Let me also state that I will strive to keep this updated on a daily basis from this point on, for the most part.
I seem to have crossed over into somewhere beyond the valley of the rambling.

Of course, this sometimes happens during opening week of a stage show. I'll have the script running through my head constantly, not to mention the adrenaline of the performance as well as all of the post show entertaining. So, bear with me over the next few days those of interest. Though, I will do my very best to keep updating this blog on a regular, if not daily, basis, especially after this arrives in a few short days....