Monday, October 21, 2013

New Work Alert! "Le Souvenir Soudain"

New Work Alert – I’ve been a busy man since setting up my studio that I had constructed just over a month ago. I’m happy to report that the very first work to be completed in my new studio is now ready for to public viewing and purchase.

In general, it seem that the very first of anything tends it make it more significant in some way. At least, it feels like that to me when it comes to artwork. There are two guaranteed works that will ever come out of a productive artist’s studio – the first and the last. Both of which hold unique meaning. This is the first, and as it can only happen once, it does indeed seem “special” in my book.

This acrylic and mixed-media on canvas work is entitled
"Le Souvenir Soudain"

"Le Souvenir Soudain" ©2013 Michael Sprouse All Rights Reserved

It measures 24" x 36" and it's stretched on 1.5" Gallery Wrap stretchers allowing the painting to continue on all sides which gives it a 3D effect and makes framing optional.

This is currently available at the price of $2500 - which - if you're familiar with the market value of my work, is a very good price indeed.

First come first serve for those interested in adding

"Le Souvenir Soudain" to that spot on the wall crying out for something original, mysterious and compelling yet soulful and emotive. Email me at if interested in purchase.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don’t Miss! Davina And The Vagabonds

I’m not usually the kind of guy who goes agog over upcoming events, but when I discovered that I would be able to see the incomparable Davina and The Vagabonds live and in person on Friday, October 18th at Bethany Blues in Lewes, Delaware I became as giddy as kid with a sack full of Halloween candy – all rich, dark chocolate, deeply satisfying candy bars mind you…

Davina and The Vagabonds in Performance

A recent press release describes a performance of DATV as sounding “like a melding between New Orleans jazz and a bluesy Tom Waits - with a touch of Billie Holiday in the vocals of Davina Sowers - this powerhouse band consists of a highly energetic brass section, piano and upright bass. Vocalist Davina is one part vaudevillian entertainer and one part real-life singer-songwriter.

Of course, anyone familiar with my visual art and my particularly strong affection for 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s jazz and blues would understand why I would gleefully shove children and elderly nuns out of my way to get tickets to this powerhouse Jazz performance. And frankly, you should be no less zealous.

I made the mistake of missing Davina and The Vagabonds the last time they made their way to Lewes, Delaware and quickly learned to regret it. I heard from more than one awed attendee that it was a “transformative” experience.  OK, that may be my word, but you get the picture…

Let’s just say that these folks had become DATV devotees like happy music inspired zombies grooving to unmistakable talent. “Unmistakable” – now that’s a strong word. It’s strong because there’s no turning back from it. And it’s a recognition that happens instantaneously and instinctively from the gut. The talent of Davina and The Vagabonds is unmistakable.

Here’s a video of DATV from a couple of years ago performing one of my favorite blues ballads “I’d Rather Go Blind” (made famous by the late, great Etta James)

So, as you can see, the Press Release was spot on. Rich, bluesy, vocals. Stand up bass. Kick-ass Brass. Beautiful…

If you plan on being in the area for the now famous Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, you should make a point of being at Bethany Blues in Lewes, Delaware on Friday, October 18th. Show times are 8:30pm and 10:30pm. Tickets are $25 and are valid for both shows.

This is all part of my dear friend (and nationally acclaimed jazz promoter and aficionada) Sydney Arzt and her Sydney's Music Revival and “The Melting Pot Of Sound” for Jazz Fest October 18-20 at Bethany Blues in Lewes.

To read more about this show and the other great artists ( The Patty Reese Band, Ron Holloway, The Joe Baione Quartet and The Reminders) that are part of the “Melting Pot of Sound” at Bethany Blues in Lewes, read the Press Release here. Oh, and if you see me there – and you will – make sure and say hello.