Tuesday, March 28, 2006

But I don't like the duck....

Tuesday morning, early. It's close to 8 AM but I have been up since 4:45 AM - though I spent the first 15 minutes laying in bead bleary eyed listening to the pre- dawn bird chorus. It seems, in my experience at least, that that is not a sound that I can connect to Winter. It either seems to start in Spring, or perhaps only I begin to notice it then. In any event, it is a sound that I always enjoy listening to. It is timeless, natural and innocent.

My head was also a little fuzzy after the wonderful chunky monkey martinis that Tom made. Tom and Larry are here to help George and I work on the studio. Late in the afternoon/early evening before dinner Tom introduced us to the elegant and sinfully delicious combo of chocolate, cream, banana liquor and vodka in a icy martini glass. They went down a bit too easily.
Prior to that element however, I walked with Tom and Larry and their dogs to the lovely Knight's Park which is a short jaunt up the street.

I saw the most immense tree there. It had to be a least 200 hundred years old.This image really can't do it justice, but it must be the largest tree in the park out of many.

I also managed to see this somewhat creepy children's play item...

I can only assume that in it's heyday, this duck was considered cute and likeable. Somehow, it seems now that it has crossed over into the valley of the maniacal and disturbing. It looks angry and is surely the one critter in the park that only the bravest of children would dare get upon.

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