Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Her name was Lola...

It's early Wednesday morning. I awoke around 5:45 and it is now 6:42 AM. I slept very little last night - all types of thoughts running through my mind. Much was accomplished yesterday in regards to the studio renovation.

As you can see form this exciting photo, all of the insulation has been put into place. Insulation has a very strong odor, not unlike that of gasoline.

It really won't be long now at all until this is finished and I can begin painting again. I am very anxious for this to occur.

I was pleased to see upon arrival Monday afternoon, that all of my bulbs that I planted last October are starting to come alive with the warmth of Spring.

This is something that fills me with wonder each year. I love growing plants in the garden. It is very grounding. Last night, George, Tom, Larry and myself went into Philadelphia and ended up on South Street where we had burgers and margaritas at Copabanana. While there, a very drunk young lady who identified herself as an airline attendant approached the table. She said that she was looking for a guy. No one in particular, just any guy. She drunkenly asked if we were gay - which seemed to bother Larry somewhat because he asked her if she had coma all the way over to the table just to ask us that. She said no, but then claimed that her work as an airline attendant made her ability to recognize gay men stronger than most for some reason. She was actually very nice in a drunken cute way. She loved my hair, proclaiming it as "fucking great" and kept running her hands through it. My stylist would be pleased.

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