Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Superman vs Wig-Wam Village

Surprise Surprise I have been up since 4:00 AM. Perhaps that's what afternoon naps are for. Well, at least I was able to witness and digitally capture a particularly spectacular sunrise over the bay.

Rehoboth Bay

I saw the film Hollywoodland last night. I was on the list of films that George and I wanted to see. We both thoroughly enjoyed the film. I found the whole did or did George Reeves not commit suicide story rather compelling.

Photo of Noel Neill ("Lois Lane") and George Reeves ("Superman")

Based upon stories that I have read from the case, the film stay pretty true to reality. There is one particularly edgy scene where a little boy dressed as a cowboy shows up at a publicity function and wants to bounce bullets off of Superman's chest. The only problem is that the kid has a real gun loaded with real bullets.

This is also supposedly based on an actual event. The entire cast was spectacular, but Adrian Brody really was amazing and I would be surprised not to see an Oscar nomination for him.

The same can be said for Diane Lane and of course, Ben Afleck as well. After watching the film and based upon my own reading of the case, I have to believe that he was murdered. There are just so many oddities connected to his death that night that would rule out suicide. You can read more about George Reeves, his life and career as well as this intriguing case here:

My new musical obsession is the Polyphonic Spree.

I was first turned onto them about 3 years ago ( it may have been longer) when they were featured on an NPR segment. They slipped through my memory banks however until I ran across them online last night. They are very conceptual ( with 20 plus multi-colored choir robe wearing band members) and I find their music brilliant. I purchased their latest EP on ITunes this morning for 5 bucks. It may be the best 5 dollars I've ever spent. Check out their visually compelling website here:

So. I'm off on my mini-road-trip to the South today. I intend to have a great time. This time of year is particularly lovely in "Kentuckasee" and I'll be able to visit with some close family and friends - and maybe even be able to take in a roadside peculiarity or two...

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever stayed at Wig Wam Village? I rented two for a night in the 80's - freaky Bible thumping you'd better be married don't touch our stuff no beer here kind of place. I just wanted to stay in a roadside icon - please skip the lecture... Have a good time with everyone in KY - TN. Wish we were going to be visiting at the same time.