Friday, September 08, 2006


On this day in 1932 was born country music icon Patsy Cline in a little town in Virginia. Where I grew up in Kentucky, she was legendary. I have always had quite the soft spot in my heart for her songs, especially her soulful ballads which were tinged with hue of wistful melancholy, like all great country and folk music. This is a digitally enhanced image of her that I created. It is from the last known photograph taken of her before her tragic death.

Patsy Cline

The original can be found here.

Steve Miller band's "Wild Mountain Honey" just came on over my XM satellite radio. This makes me want to say "Hello, Sandy, wherever you are!". Anyone who knew me then when that reference would make sense, also knew Sandy and her strong affection for that song. And if any of them are reading this entry, they are smiling too.
Peace, light, and love,

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