Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Important Reasons to Support Hillary...

In my opinion, the populace of this wonderful country have an unfortunate history of short attention spans and even worse short term memory loss. We loose interest quickly and forget frequently. Fortunately, we now live in an age where the majority of us can have access to facts and figures with lightening quick speed if we so desire, or remember, to do so. It is with that spirit that I now post the following chart graphic as a refreshing memory that we all would do well to reacquaint ourselves with...

Just look at all of that glorious red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, there is much more red than blue, but that points out a significant point. It shows that over the last 40 plus years, the only time that we had a budget surplus was when we had Clintons in the White House! The starkness of the contrast of surplus vs. deficit is alarming is it not? Now, remember this folks!

First, let me state that there is a good reason that I say "Clintons" in the White House and that is because Hillary Clinton was highly involved in the Clinton presidency, and she and Bill are the closest of political partners. That is a fact. President Bill Clinton himself has stated as much in countless interviews as have other key members of his administration and White House staffers.
Hillary was hands on. Remember how outraged conservatives were when she had an office for herself placed in the West Wing? She didn't do that so that she could have a special place to think about fancy party gowns, debate new hairstyles, and daydream about lipstick.

It's also important to remember that we also had during the 8 years of peace and prosperity under the Clintons a president that understood the transition from an industrial to a post-industrial world, and could carry out the responsible domestic and international policies to thrive in that world. The U.S. was respected throughout the world, and we had the strongest economy in our nation's history, with record gains in economic growth (116 straight months of economic growth at an average rate of 4.0 percent per year), job creation (22.5 million new jobs), income (median family income up nearly 15%), home ownership, and a historic drop in poverty (down 15%), all while overcoming the budget deficit and putting our country in the black.

Anyone now old enough to vote in this country that is not mentally incapacitated in someway can remember how great things were under a Clinton White House.

Edwards and Obama are downright wrong to imply that Hillary is part of the problem that only "change" can fix and they know it. Even if you combined the experience of the two of them together, they still would not, and could not, have the knowledge base and true experience that Hillary has after spending 8 years playing a very important role in getting this country back on track in the 1990s. It happened then and it needs to happen now! Now - more than ever.

So, the next time you hear the tired "change" mantra coming from Obama and Edwards, pick up your recent history books and reopen your mind.

By the way, there are 79 days to the first day of Spring

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Thanks to Hillary's Bloggers wonder post of "Four Reasons I Support Hillary" (especially enlightening for all of you parents out there) for turning me on to the chart and more.

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