Sunday, January 27, 2008

Evil Clown

Evil Clown

I found this online and thought it hilarious. I have a friend who is completely given the creeps by clowns. I'm not far behind him. Couple of weeks ago, I was picking up a bottle of wine at the local liquor store. A charismatic gentleman was behind the counter. He had a small television on the shelf and as I was purchasing my wine, Nashville was mentioned in the broadcast.
"I used to live in Nashville," he said.
"Oh really?," I answered. "I lived there once myself."
That led to a brief but pleasant conversation about our experiences in Nashville. The conversation was going along nicely and expediently as such conversations should between two people when thrown into them in unexpected circumstances.
It was going along nicely, until the fellow mentioned
why he had lived there.
"I was there with my company, well, my troupe really," he stated.
"Troupe?," I responded curiously.
"Yes. I was a clown. Actually I was the head clown of my troupe".
He continued on, but I could only see his lips moving as his voice was drowned out by the sound of nails slowly scratching down a chalkboard which had begun to echo through my mind the moment he uttered the word clown.
He continued on, dropping the names of third rate faded country music stars that his "troupe" had opened up for in the way back machine.
Suddenly, I could now only see what had been a distinguished, handsome, mature gentleman as a circus freak donning an over-sized polka-dotted pointed hat, maniacally grinning through giant red lips, while twinking his orange hued horn nose.

©DJ Bass

I began to wonder if he could see the sweat forming on my brow.
Perhaps he could as his conversation ended as abruptly as it had started. I think clowns must have an eerie kind of sixth sense that makes a multi-colored alarm with bells and whistles go off in their heads when they come into close proximity of clown haters.
Mimes must have the same ability, only their's must be silent. Like a dog whistle.
With shaking hands, I took my credit card and wine and backed out the door.

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