Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa caucus day is here...

Well, here it is. There's nothing for me to comment on that isn't already out there either in print, on the web, television or radio until things really begin moving later this evening. I will state this however, if you happen to be a registered voter in Iowa, and you just happen to come across this blog on your web travels today, please, take the time to caucus this evening. Of course, you may caucus for whomever you wish, I would really love it if you did so for Hillary, but of course, the choice is yours. Early today, I heard a statistic that the last time Iowa held a caucus, about 150,000 folks turned out. The total population of Iowa is close to 3 million. Hmmm... I'm no statistician, but, surely, out of 3 million people, more than 150,000 can come out for about 30 minutes or so to caucus. Then again, word on the street is that the higher the number of turn out, the better the chances may be for Obama. Hmmm, perhaps, on second thought, it is better for you to stay inside where it's warm and toasty after all...

In any event, until later, here's an image of my latest art work for you to enjoy.

acrylic, pen & ink, pencil, faux-finished color fields, ephemeral and
vintage photographic mixed-media collage on canvas.
6" x 12"
© Michael Sprouse

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