Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self-Portrait Tuesday

Hey, wadda ya know, It's Self-Portrait Tuesday. That's me above, taken about 30 minutes ago shortly after walking in the door back from a hair cut. Well, a trim really. Just about the sides and a tapered back.

I didn't post here yesterday. It somehow slipped my mind. Not due to anything of major importance, rather, I just felt unfocused somehow yesterday. It must have been while drifitng in that haze that I forgot all about the Sprouseart Blog.

My weekend was lovely and peaceful. A few films, a few beers, two great football games, laughs with friends, a bit of reading. I remember thinking at some point yesterday that it seemed to me in retrospect that I had not had such a relaxing weekend for quite some time. Perhaps I allowed the easiness of it all to spill over into Monday.

By far the best film that I saw over the weekend was "La Vie En Rose" (also known as "La Môme" in French). The film starred Marion Cotillard and she was no less than masterful. Coincidentally, we happend to watch the film on Pay Per View the same evening that Marion won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy. Her performance really is stunning. I personally don't think that "Musical" and "Comedy" should belong in the same grouping. "La Vie En Rose", in my opinion, is really a film about or with music ( the music and life story of the incomparable Edith Piaf ). It certainly was no comedy. How is it possible to compare this soul stirring dramatic film with "Hairspray" (which is a musical and a comedy - and a throughly enjoyable one at that)?

Alas, it's not my show or award, so there's no need really to spend my energy on it. Now, in fact, since I blew off most of yesterday, it is time for me to spend my energies on more important matters, and with that, I sign off.

By the way, only 66 days left unitl the first day of Spring...

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