Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Self-Portrait Tuesday

Did I miss Monday? Well, what of it? I love that expression and use it as often as I can. Of course, it must be intoned with a sarcastic tightness complete with tinges of bitter regret but not without a dash of the inner-personal acknowledgment of that which was questioned and the possibility of the loss of opportunity. You can see the perfect use of the phrase in this electric scene from "All About Eve" at 5:29 and 5:37 ( the clip runs 8:27) right after Addison DeWitt confronts Eve Harrington about her past and her real name (Gertrude Shlevinsky). Frankly, who wouldn't want a new moniker with that albatross of a name?

Without a doubt, "All About Eve" is one of my favorite films. I've seen it so many times, that I can't remember the exact amount. Speaking of fabulous favorite films of mine from the past, I caught "Chinatown" last night. It's currently playing on HBO On Demand to my pleasure. Again, I've seen this mid-70's noir classic many times. But, it's one of those films that offers something new each time one sees it. Some folks consider this to be one of the best films ever made, and with good reason.

So, feel like watching two great classic films one winter night? Find the two above and enjoy.

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