Monday, January 28, 2008

Mac Sucks. That's all there is to it.

I've said it before and I will say it again. The 15" MacBook Pro that I purchased in 2006 for close to (and perhaps over - my memory , not unlike this MacBook, fails sometimes) $2,000 is a piece of crap. I hate to be so frank. But that's how I feel about it. And mind you - I'm basing this decision upon my own personal, mouth open in disbelief, hair tearing out, visions of sawed-off shot gun blasts to the screen, experiences. Did I mention that I'm typing this just moments after the last "mini-crash"?

Also, before I forget, the CrapBook power cord is on the fritz - again. ( The first one had to be replaced less than a year after my initial purchase). If I don't remain perfectly still with the exception of my fingertips whizzing across the ever so too small keyboard of my CrapBook, the power cord just stops working (remember that phrase - Just. Stops. Working.). That means that I am switched to battery power without my knowledge. As you'll learn from this post, lots of things can happen without one's knowledge when one takes a bite of the ©Apple.

Also, late last Summer, my battery just stopped working one day leaving me only able to work on the CrapBook whilst plugged into a wall outlet ( this, obviously, in between power cord malfunctions). Just. Stopped. Working.

Fortunately, it was I who (only through diligent online research), found out that Apple had issued what they conveniently called a "battery exchange program". Basically, Apple was saying that if you happen to have one of those piece of crap batteries that we stuck in your CrapBook Pro to shove them out the door, that they will gladly "exchange" it for one that actually works - at least for the time being.

Now, the folks at Apple know who purchased these particular CrapBook Pros from them. It was all in the registration process. They know my name, when and what I purchased and how to contact me. In fact, I receive emails about purchasing even more products from them constantly. I also have on occasion little pop-up windows that appear informing me of updates to software on the machine. While those are helpful, they could have sent emails and created pop-ups windows to those whom they knew had purchased the "bad battery machines" warning them about the battery issue and instructing them to make an exchange?! You see, I eventually discovered that only machines with a certain serial number purchased during a certain time period had these evil batteries. Guess who's machine met all of the requirements. Again, I only found the information about the battery after my own intense web search where I discovered other unfortunates CrapBook purchasers like myself who had experienced the same issue. The Apple web site had the pertinent information deeply buried in the catacombs of their site.

And when I think about the tech support NIGHTMARE that I had to go through to get the battery replaced, my blood still begins to boil. Again, and I don't use this word lightly, NIGHTMARE.

SO, the next time you see those clever little commercials on television featuring "hip" and ever so smug looking Justin Long representing and proclaiming the virtues of the Mac against the PC ( whom they portray as a frumpy, over weight, pasty-faced, balding 30 something fellow in an ill fitting off the rack suit) DO NOT FALL for it.

These are ACTORS reading script conceived and written by a well paid, hyper-intelligent staff of advertising gurus who would whore out their own daughters for a piece of the © Apple pie.

What sucks most of all, is that for the time being, I am stuck with the CRAPBook as I can't budget a new lap top now until things change economically ( I make my living selling art, remember). Who knows when that will be? But there is one thing that I do know, when I do make my next portable computer purchase, and I will, I know exactly what I will NOT be purchasing.

Now, in case you need a bit more proof that I'm not an isolated case, check out this site...

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