Monday, April 17, 2006

The Show and the brunch

Well, here it is – the day after Easter and the day of the end of my visit to Nashville. I will rate the trip as very enjoyable overall and I am glad that I came. The opening, which took place Saturday afternoon turned out to be a very enjoyable event. It is true that the overall turnout was affected by the fact that it was held the day before Easter, but there was still a large enough crowd to spark momentum in the exhibit. There was one high-end designer who went crazy over my work and practically assured me that his client in Colorado would be equally mad over it. He said that he had been searching for the perfect work of art to place in the client’s house and that he was sure that he had found it in my work. The staff seems to think that the show will do quite well for the rest of the run and I tend to agree. Here are some obligatory images from the show.

Here's lil' ole' me at the show

And here is my wonderful and lifelong friend Helen and I having a bit of fun at an intersection in Nashville waiting for the light to change, after the show...

I started off Easter Sunday with David, Carrie, and Heidi doing the fun search for the basket thing in the garden. We made jokes with Heidi about the bunny leaving something in the back and what not. It was fun and all tongue in cheek as she is 14 now and way pat the point of believing in the Easter Bunny. Her basket was filled with the things appropriate for a girl of her age and she got a kick out of it.

Even though the day began wonderfully weather-wise, by the end of the morning the skies had turned gray and gloomy. We all just sort of floated about the house and did our own thing. I had been invited to a brunch and my friend Mandy’s house, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel like going. After floating about the house however, which had started to become a bit depressing, I decided that I would go visit Mandy after all. I phoned her and she said that she would send someone to pick me up as I was nearby and that I didn’t have a car during my stay. Oddly enough, as soon as I had made the decision to attend, the weather broke and an absolutely glorious day formulated the rest of the afternoon.

Mandy and I have been friends for close to 20 years. She is one of my favorite people in the world

and I was very glad that I made the decision to go.

Here is Mandy and Kim in the background.

Here is Mandy again. I think at this point there had been Bloody Mary's a plenty and Mandy is quite sure that she has had a heavenly visitation of some sort.

Kim with ears...

John with ears...

Chris with colorful slinky. These work equally well with Easter or Pride Day..

Chris in reaction to Mandy's words o' wisdom...

The lovely and witty Charlene ( AKA Hotsy) and her partner Tim..

And the ever effervescent and lovely Angie

It was a lovely and festive event indeed. I laughed quite a bit - which, as anyone who knows me will tell, is one of my favorite things to do...


Mandy said...

You and Helen so crazay!

I hope you come back soon!

I love you so much (said in my best Liza voice)

anessa said...

What fun--- and how great to see Hot Ass, Kim Ann and Darlin'.

Glad you had an awesome visit...and your show looks really, really wonderful. Congratulations!