Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Morning reflections - literally...

April 19, 2006. Another lovely spring day here in Collingswood. Let me just begin by saying how pleased I am to learn about the resignation of Scott McClellan and the whittling away of power for Karl Rove as he has now “given up his policy portfolio”. The sooner this country shakes them out of the delusional haze that they have been in when it comes to the Bush White House – the better. These incidents only strengthen my belief that the Bush admin is also starting to sense the uncomfortable angry stares and finger pointing from an ever increasingly aware and fed up American public.

Now, on to other things – the only problem being that I’m not really in the mood to write very much this morning. I have many good thoughts and an idea about some nifty entries in my mind, but somehow, my physical being, doesn’t want to partake. Perhaps it is because it is so completely lovely outside. I think a walk in the park would prove much more satisfactory.

However, just to have somewhat more of a complete post, I will post some new images that I was experimenting with late yesterday and this morning while bored. These are actually artistic digitally photographed self-portraits. I like the way they came out. Here are the first 3, the last one has just a touch of PG 13 nudity so I have placed a link to it for those whose curiosity get the better of them.

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