Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gate 28

So, while waiting at gate D9 and working on my blog, I suddenly get an uneasy feeling about the gate. I decided to follow my instinct and I ask the young fellow behind the check-in desk if this was indeed the gate that I needed for flight 2545. He told me that it had been the gate, but that the gate had just been changed to gate 28 and that he was getting ready to make an announcement. “Well, I’m glad that I asked” was my reply and off I went to gate 28.

So, now I am here at gate 28. A much larger waiting area I must add. There’s an older fellow, based on his voice that is sitting directly behind me, the back of our chairs are touching. He has been on the phone for quite some time. He is the type that moves about quite a bit while he speaks on the phone.

As I was typing that last paragraph. He rose from his chair and asks me if “they have made an announcement about the flight to DC since it was scheduled to leave at 4:00 and it was now 4:00.” I tell him that I haven’t heard anything, but that I wasn’t headed to DC and probably wouldn’t pay much attention to an announcement made about that flight. A middle aged business woman who was sitting next to me who had been listening to the man as well (he is very loud) informed him that the arrival time of the flight had just changed to 4:25.

He walk around nervously a bit, took his seat and just made a loud call to “honey” about the delay.

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