Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nashville at night

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day. After my morning and early hangout at the coffee shops, I went with my sister-in-law Carrie to pick up my niece Heidi from her school and to drop by the Arts Company where my exhibit is being held this Saturday. I was very pleased with the way they have hung the show and I, as well as they, expect the show to go over very well.

I was also pleased to see that the Nashville magazine, the “Nashville Scene” has the exhibit listed under the “Our Critics Pick” section. They describe my work as large work “which reference the iconic power of silent-film images and vintage photographic portraiture”.

I have been informed by those in the know that this is the most well read magazine in Nashville, so the write up is a very good thing indeed. So, after all of that we all went to this hip little restaurant in east Nashville called the “Family Wash”. This place had a very hip laid back look and feel to it.

My brother David...

My sister-in-law Carrie

And my niece Heidi

All suggested Shepard’s Pie. I took the suggestion and was very pleased with it. It came to the table bubbly and hot, with the great aroma of rosemary and lamb. But what made the dish even more wonderful was the fact that all draught beers were on special for TWO DOLLARS!!!! Yee Haw!!! That included Guinness - which is unheard of! With the pie, I could only finish two of the lovely dark amber brews…

After dinner, David suggested that we take a stroll across the walking bridge on the Nashville waterfront. David said it was the “longest walking bridge in the world”. This is also referred to as the “Shelby Street Bridge”. In any event, it was absolutely lovely on a warm moonlit night, and I took some great photos from up there of Nashville at night…

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