Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Portland Brew

Oh man – what a fun morning I have had. OK, so I’m being cynical. Just sort of. I have actually had a lovely morning. Though, right now, I am bored. I don’t really have many friends in Nashville and those that I do are busy with their 9 to 5’s or kids during the day. My brother is also working and my sister-in-law is busy working on some time sensitive commissions so I don’t want to get into her hair or make her feel like she has to entertain me. I know when I get busy in the studio, that is all that I can focus on.

I left the Frothy Monkey about an hour and a half ago and walked about two businesses away and found another coffee house called the Portland Brew. I like this place. It’s hip, yet sedate. In fact, right now I m in my own little cubicle/mini room where I can plug in my laptop. I was unable to do that at the Monkey. There are 6 chairs about the table here, so if I wanted to have an impromptu work meeting, I could do that here - if I were still in that line of work. What’s funny is that I can hear a guy on his cell phone in the cubicle behind me arguing about the HR person. Ugh. Man, I hated the corporate life. That was, thankfully, many moons ago.

At least the guy has the wherewithal to come to a hip, sedate place to have a rag out session on the cell phone with a co-worker. Here is a pic I just took of myself at the Portland Brew.

I look bored here because, well, I am, and I am listening to the man behind me bitch to his co-worker about the HR person.

And here is one I took aiming my camera right outside of my cubicle.

I think that I'm going to walk about for a bit and see what cool photo ops I can find. PS - the bitter business guy behind me just made the most stomach churning snort/gurgle your own phlegm sound that I have heard in quite some time. Ick.

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