Thursday, April 06, 2006

Off Script

What a lovely day I have had. After arriving in Collingswood, I was able to view the fruits of my labor last autumn in the front yard…

I also planted over 100 tulip bulbs last year. However, as was always the case in the past, I was concerned that wretched squirrels would consume them. One year I planted 150 bulbs only to see 4 survive into the spring after the rats with fuzzy tails were through with the buffet that I had placed so lovingly in the ground.

This time though, I tired something new that was suggested to me by a landscape architect that I know. He suggested that I dig the area where I wanted the bulbs, cover them loosely with mulch, and then cover that with chicken wire. After that, I was to cover the whole thing with more mulch and then a final layer of soil on top of that. He told me that the bulbs would grow through the chicken wire, but that the squirrels would not be able to get to the bulbs because of their little sharp claws. As much as I liked the idea of that, I must admit that I was skeptical. Though, I really had nothing to loose, except for the cost of the bulbs (usually expensive) and the time involved in the labor. So, I did it, and as you can see from this pic, they appear to be doing quite well.

After they bloom, I will post images here. I also started the day with a nice breakfast from the New Westmont Diner in Haddon Township. The place has out of this world omelettes - though I'm not sure what happened to the "old" diner, if indeed there was one...

And here is my new favorite link of the day

Congratulations to you Harry Taylor!!!

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