Sunday, April 23, 2006

In Memoriam...

In Memoriam...
Alida Valli
1921 - 2006

It was with a heavy heart that I read about the passing of Italian actress Alida Valli this morning. This wonderfully talented actress was one of my personal favorites. My first cinematic encounter with her occurred when I first saw the Carol Reed’s classic noir film “The Third Man”. Orson Welles, who co-stared with her in that same film, called her “the sexiest thing you ever saw in your life”. While there is no denying her on screen sex appeal, her skill as an actress was amazing and the emotions that she could convey with her face alone – breathtaking. While most of my portraits are of unknowns, I sometimes make an exception for people that have touched me in some extraordinary way. Valli, as she often went by, was one of those people.

“The Third Man” is one of those films that everyone should see once in their lives. It is an amazing noir film that takes place in post war Europe. The character studies in this film are brilliant, and the cinematography outstanding. Here's to Alida Valli.

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