Monday, April 10, 2006

Lazy Sunday.....

I didn’t post yesterday because I was so happy doing nothing that I didn’t want to be focused on anything else but that. It was the first Sunday in a long time that I didn’t have to be somewhere doing something other than absolutely nothing. I lounged about on the deck and watched the waves roll across the bay. Then I listened to the gulls. Then I played with the cats followed by surfing the web aimlessly. I made whole-wheat thin spaghetti for lunch with lemon-butter sauce. I watched the end of an old forgettable movie and listened to some jazz. I actually involved myself with many “no things” and loved it.

And then, to top off the lovely day, I had dinner at the home of my friends Joe and Mallick. Sharon and Rachel were there as well. It was lovely. They have a wonderful home right on the canal that is backed up by acres of protected rolling wetlands. It is truly lovely. Here are some photos to prove it.

here is the statue in their yard that they refer to as "the lady".

Joe on his porch

In the backyard overlooking the canal at sunset...

Tomorrow, I leave for Nashville for my exhibit on the 15th at the Arts Company. I'm looking forward to it and intend to document it here..

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