Thursday, April 27, 2006

Do that again!

Here it is, late in the afternoon of April 27th already. I usually have what I consider to be a rather well adjusted internal alarm clock that helps me keep track of dates and time rather well. I haven’t been able to wear a watch successfully since my early 20’s. I have been through so many of them – and very nice ones too. They end up breaking in very unusual ways usually within a few weeks after I place it on my wrist. I have read information about the phenomena and have seen those afflicted by such activities referred to as “electric people”.

Perhaps I am one of these people. Light bulbs have been known to blow frequently when I touch them and computers unfortunately go a bit haywire sometimes when I am around them. It all seemed to start when I was about 20 years old for some reason. My first memorable awareness of it occurred during a visit with some family members in New England. There was a large and impressive aquarium in a nearby town that a group of us went to see one afternoon. One of the displays consisted of an electric eel tank.

In the tank there was some sort of transformer that the eels would often hit up against while swimming about the tank. There was a long row of lights on the outside of the tank that would light in accordance to the amount of energy that had been given off by the eel that had brushed against the transformer. It was a very visual way to sense the amount of power the eels held. Underneath that row of lights was a second row of light of equal length. There were also two pads where a person could lay their hands. Just like the eels, the lights would light in accordance to the person touching the pads. A sign on the tank stated that most people carried enough energy within them to light 3 or 4 of the lights. Of course, everyone in the group had to lay their hands on the pad, myself included. Most people were able to light 3 or 4 as the sign stated, but when it became my turn to place my hands on the pad, the entire string of lights lit up like a slot machine.

I was totally surprised by it, but not as much as the lady who was standing behind me who saw the whole thing and had let out a little scream/gasp sound. With a shocked look- and a very heavy Northern accent- she said to me, “Oh my God, how did you do that?” The truth was that I didn’t know and, frankly, I was just as shocked as she.
“Do it again!” she said. This time she made sure that the other members of her entourage were watching. I placed my hands on the pads and once again they whole string lit up. Little gasps and Oh my Gods filled the air. Some of them stared at me as if I were an embittered homecoming queen with a fresh bucket of pig’s blood running down my head and dress.

In any event, that was when I sensed that I had “energy” issues.
I’m not sure why I decided to post that bit of information about myself here today, but I’m just going to go with the flow of it. My horoscope as of late have all been mentioning periods of revaluation, intense creativity and clarity. What a combo eh?

Even though I am at the beach today, George and I had some of our favorite people over for dinner last night - Marnie, Jacquie and Janet. We had a great time, and I of course, took some artistically rendered shots to visually record it. I think I may do this for every dinner gathering that we hold for a while. I sense a series of works arising from it somehow…

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