Monday, May 23, 2005

Warm Kitten and Salt Water Taffy Salad....

Here it is Monday again and I have so many directions to move into that I can't really think straight. So, in order to clear my thoughts this morning, I took a walk on the beach ( which is only a 15 minute walk from my home). I brought along the digital camera so I took pics, but before that - this. I ran across a blog the other day that had a unique feature to it that I liked. This blogger used her blog only to record things that she had learned that day.

Now - mind you, most of these things were very syrupy and could make most intelligent people who have yet to drink the Kool-Aid offered by our current American non-culture and administration feel the need to un-swallow such as “I learned that when I look into my little boy’s eyes I can feel the love of Jesus looking back at me” and “I learned that love is a warm kitten”. Ahem.
However, I liked the idea - recognizing that life is one non-stop learning experience. I think that documenting these thoughts here may help me to become more aware of my existence and my role in this world in which we are all connected. Or I may just learn that love is a warm kitten…

In any event, here are some things that I learned over the weekend…..

1: Some gay men who brag about their homes in Florida, Rehoboth and Hawaii and are obviously over the age of 65 though they think that they can pass for 45 because of the massive amount of plastic surgery they have had will get slightly offended when you make the comment to them “So, you must obviously be retired now”, to shut them up. ( This was after Raspberry Martini number 3).

2: Sofia Coppola directed and wrote the screen play for “The Virgin Suicides” which is an excellent film by the way.

3: Kirsten Dunst was 17 when I met and spoke with her that extremely hot Summer afternoon in Georgetown when she was filming Dick in 1999.

4: According to the “grapevine” I am having an affair with my friend Michael with whom I was spotted watching the Kentucky Derby with at Striper Bites in Lewes

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all" :Oscar Wilde

And now the pics from this morning - all from the lovely Rehoboth Beach...

This is..well - the beach. Isn't it lovely?

This is a view of the Boardwalk that runs along Rehoboth Beach for a mile. You’ll find arcades and junk food establishments here that offer traditional beach fare like Thrasher's Boardwalk Fries,(which really are the best Fires you will ever eat)

Tee Hee! Here’s a semi-disturbing pop corned headed creature that has just surfed in to frighten the children and cause create great commotion.

And here’s his slower, frumpy, overweight and overwrought cousin who is always coming in on the surfboard several lengths behind him.

A Horseshoe Crab....

The one mile marker on the boardwalk on the beach

Boardwalk from a tie your shoe level

The famous Dolly's Saltwater Taffy place.

The Sunview Motel. I know nothing about this place, but its' been around for years and I have always loved it's vibrant white stucco walls and it's intense blue lettering

The boardwalk and the mini-beach mansions that run along it...

Here is a pic of the mystery boat that I have seen offfshore for quite a few days. Perhaps more later - I must get into the studio now. More on that later as well....

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Mandy said...

I, as you might have guessed, much prefer your list of things learned than the kitten loving, jesus lady's. Cynical will always win with me. I do like that idea as well- I may have to incoporate it into my blog- in some fashion.

I also vote that when Ang and I come over to your town that we book a couple of ajoining rooms in the SunView Motel. Just to say we stayed there. It looks so wonderful- your whole beach does.