Thursday, May 05, 2005

This is what happens when your eyes fly open at 4:00 AM. You get out of bed and sketch. This is a Pen and Pencil study of Claudia Cardinale. An incredible Italian actress and one of my favorites. She was absolutely stunningly beautiful

And she still is

I was first turned on to her in the original "Pink Panther". But then, later, I saw her in one of my all time favorite films, Fellini's .

So, I will name this day "Claudia Cardinale" day - since I woke up at 4:00 AM and thought, I'm gonna draw Claudia. Over all - not a bad way to start the day...

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Mandy said...

Your sketch of Claudia is gorgeous. My friends Lori-Lyn & Tracey gave the first Pink Panther movie on DVD for Christmas this past year. They gave it to me and said, "there's a lot of skiing and bumbling- make sure you have plenty of martini fixin's on hand when you watch it." I certainly did enjoy the skiing and the bumbling and above all, the martinis.