Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend and the Giant Gehrkin of 1949

Here at the beach, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the holiday season and it's a whirlwind of activity and celebration. It just so happens that the weather for today is predicted to be Spectacular because we have a had a long line of bad weather days. Already, it’s bright and sunny with the type of big blue skies that go on forever and I can hear the laughing cries of the seagulls wafting in from my open window.

Today will be a day for me to drive around with the top down ( I drive the same make and color of the bug here - the color is called "Harvest Moon". I love bugs)

and run errands until our of town guests arrive for the weekend ( most everyone that lives here will either have or know of people that will have out of town guests this weekend - they all come a runnin' from the big cities to the beach - DC, Philly, Baltimore and NYC - if you plan on being one of these people, live as early as possible to avoid the horrendous traffic).

It’s going to be an incredible weekend and I intend to enjoy every second of it. SO, in honor of this big holiday weekend, I thought that I would post an image of Rehoboth Beach celebrations of days gone by ( which I also thought would be appropriate for the “Memorial” in Memorial Day). So here tis.

But wait - what's this??
In the area where I have placed the pink circle…What the hell is that on the beach? I kept looking at the image over and over again. It appears to be a man walking hand in hand with a giant gherkin Pickle!

(This poor soul seems desperately addicted to the sweet yet sour crunchy taste offered by the Gherkin. Her expression seems to read, “At last!!! Mine, mine all mine!!!” There’s probably a scene of indescribably horrific carnage behind her that we are thankfully not being allowed to see of those unfortunate enough to have been in the direct path between her and the Gehrkin - but I digress..)

Back to the postcard imagery (which I have conveniently “blown- up” in detail here for you).

It seems from the others on the beach that this giant walking Gherkin is of no special notice. They seem blissfully unaware of he and his partner strolling along the surf. Perhaps they are just nervously diverting their eyes to avoid staring. Perhaps there are ugly whispers that envelope the twain like low lying fog and even a few ugly names being yelled by small children who quickly dart behind beach umbrellas. The Gherkin and his friend are very brave indeed to walk so proudly together unashamed of their love!

Or perhaps, sadly, the Gherkin is being led astray by the man lured by the empty promises of friendship, acceptance and love. Perhaps the man has ulterior, more sinister motives at heart - such as a “ladies only” all you can eat Gherkin-fest which he will secretly photograph from behind a tree……

But this thought makes my heart heavy, and it’s much too beautiful of a day for that type of thinking…..


Mandy said...

I want a pet pickle to play with and snack on.

Have a fabulous weekend! talk to you soon~

Lori-Lyn said...

That poor pickle. I hope the man really loves him and is not just using him to woo pickle crazed women.
I'm also very deeply in love with that car.

Nancy said...

Hi, I think it's just somebody who has a little plastic boat on his head to carry... I used to carry my boat that way too...
Greetings from Belgium!

Anonymous said...

It is dingy!