Friday, May 06, 2005

I Hear And Obey

My friend Mandy has posted a wonderful little tale about Derby Day - which is tomorrow, the first Saturday of May. It really is a special event for those who were raised in Kentucky (like myself). Even if a Kentuckian chooses to ignore it completely, it is still burned into the memory banks of their psyche in one way or the other from childhood.

Here’s the official drink o’ the Kentucky Derby:

However, after those run dry, I’ve seen some dedicated Derby Day partiers use whatever may happen to be close at hand to make that lovely Julip taste continue…..



I have actually never seen such drastic measures, but I do remember my school’s guidance councilor from the early 1970’s. He was ancient and wore his pants unbelievably high. He was a brimstone and fire preacher on the side and he told stories about the evils of alcohol. In particular, the one about the man who would strain Aqua Velva through a loaf of Wonder Bread for the squeezins.

Hmmmm….amazing what a kid will believe eh?

I hear and obey…I hear and obey….I hear and obey…..

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Mandy said...

I'm in love with that dubble bubble picture. It makes me feel safe....