Friday, May 20, 2005


Did you know that if you place the word "rain" in the google image search you will get over 700,000 results? Some of them are quite lovely. You will get a wide range of images - from this

To this...

To this...

The reason I bring this up is that it has been raining like a mofo since pre-dawn here. Yesterday's weather was so lovely.....

Today is a good day for the studio, which is where I will go soon. I have much work to do. There is a wine and cheese grand opening event that George and I must attend at 6:00 this evening at my friend's Sharon's new biz "And The Bead Goes On". So, until then I will paint. Hwoever, I will post some pics from my day yesterday.

First, I went to Lewes Beach to look for Sea Glass ( which is very meditative by the way)

Lewes Beach is actually on the Delaware Bay

There is quite a lot of sea glass to be fuond there. I have actually found some that dates back to the early 1600's. It's rare and called black glass. I live in Rehoboth Beach which is actually on the Atlantic Ocean, but it's only about a 20 minute drive to Lewes beach from here.

While at the beach, I heard a strange mechanical sound coming from the sky. I looked up and saw a blimp!

I took a picture of it. A Fuji Film blimp. I love blimps! Even the word is funny -
blimp... Is it not? I found out later that there is only ONE Fuji Film blimp in exsistence.
Which means that if you have ever seen this blimp, then we have seen the same one - isn't it amazing how we are all connected.... For some reason, the one and only Fuji FIlm Blimp was flying over little Lewes Beach yesterday when I was looking for Sea Glass.

When I came home, I discovered some lovely new photos of my beautiful niece Gwen sent to me by my sister Holly. Here she is horseback riding...

She really is lovely. She looks very much like this famous little girl

Though I am sure that her mother ( my sister) has informed her of the evils of white bread.

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Mandy said...

That is indeed a lovely picture of Marilyn and of the beaches near your house too. I am looking quite forward to walking on them. I'm glad you posted some pics of sea glass because I didn't know what it was and it's beautiful! I wanna get me some of that.
Gwen does look like the Sunbeam girl and she looks just like Holly. Beautiful!