Thursday, December 28, 2006

Funky astral dreams...

It's Thursday morning, Dec. 28, 2006. I woke extremely early, even for myself, this morning at 4:55 AM. It was the result of one of those bad dream experiences where, in the dream itself, I manage to tell myself, wake up...WAKE UP!! Is that lucid dreaming? I don't know. The dream started out well enough, though it was very surreal as all astral plane dream visitations tend to be (one day, I'll explain my theory about dream travel on the astral plane).
I was in someone's apartment somewhere. It reminded me of the many apartments that I and many of my friends lived in when in college with a neo-hippie/punk shabby-chic look to it.

I didn't live there in the dream but I was staying there for some reason. There were many other people walking about the place doing their own thing. I along with a few other people whom I can't place right now, were trying to catch a little kitten that was running about the place. It had this somewhat disturbing humanoid face and it could speak guttural sounding simple words.

Suddenly, there was a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in about 20 years standing there. His name was Andy Fraser (real name) and of course, he looked the same as he did 20 years ago. It was quite nice to see him as I have no idea where he is today assuming that he still walks amongst the living. We chatted a bit and the next thing I knew, some of the other folks in the place began having a discussion about what bus stop would drop them in a certain place. As dreams go, the next thing I knew I was on this bus.

I knew instinctively that I was still in the neighborhood and decided that I would get off at the next stop and simply walk back to the apartment. I wasn't in any particular city that I could name, but the streets were very colorful, warm, fun looking and inviting. I remember feeling very content standing on this bus. It was lit with colorful lights and there were no windows as it was summery outside. It may have actually been a trolley. I remember thinking that as son as I exited at the next stop that I would take a casual stroll back to the place where I was staying and perhaps have a cup of coffee in a little cafe along the way.

However, someone on this bus started playing some sort of mini-television of sorts and there was some broadcast that took everyone's attention, including mine. I can't remember what it was, but I, along with the others, became completely entranced by it and, of course, I ended up driving far beyond the stop I wanted. In fact, I was so taken with the broadcast, that I suddenly realized that I had no idea whatsoever where I was and I began to feel a bit panicky as the wonderful cityscape that I had been in was now replaced with a very industrial, dark, semi-abandoned and threatening feeling part of town.

I quickly got off at the next stop, and of course, at this point I was the only person exiting the bus. I could however, see some very colorful taxis not too far away in the distance and I remember thinking that I could simply catch one back to where I was staying. However, when I walked in that direction, there was a large chain linked fence that kept me from heading towards the cabs which became more and more infrequent. Suddenly, a large station wagon like taxi pulled up, but it was in total disrepair. It was filthy and it looked as if it would break down at any second with steam coming out from under the hood and it was making terrible sounds- a true jalopy. There were several people inside, but they looked lost, disoriented and frightened. The driver asked me if I would like a ride, but I politely reclined thinking that I would just find a way around the fence and reach the colorful taxis.

He drove on and I began to follow the fence into the darkness as the sun was setting at this point. I finally found the end of the fence which opened into this alleyway of sorts. It was like any alleyway that you would find on the set of a bad horror flick of course - dark, wet, intimidating. Suddenly a young fellow of small stature dressed in black came out of nowhere and began to walk very close to my left side. I felt my guard go up immediately and intensely.

As he passed me I felt his hand slide into by back left pocket (I keep my wallet in my right). I grabbed his hand and yelled something threatening at him and he sulked away. It was just at that moment though, that I saw another fellow appear behind me out of the corner of my eye. This fellow was dressed in white and his clothing had a gold like glow to them. At that same second, out if the corner of my other eye, I saw the thug that had just tried to pick pocket me, pick up a very large baseball bat

and walk in my direction. I glanced at the fellow in white and he was eyeing the thug defiantly. That was when I made myself wake up. Wow. I turned on the light and checked the time on my cell phone which was charging next to my bed - 4: 55 AM - shook the cobwebs out of my head, came downstairs and drank a gallon of coffee.

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Kathryn said...

Wow!!! I had that exact dream last night too!-