Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

How does it happen? I turn around to focus on something that required my attention for a minute and the next thing I know my blog goes un-updated for a week. I just happened to remember that's it's self-portrait Tuesday and here is the latest photo taken of myself. I like this image and I will always remember this as being the end of a two-week run of bad hair decisions. In fact, ( and this is something that I haven't done since I was in my 20's) within the last two and a half weeks, my hair has been 4 different colors. FOUR. Was it the ugly hand of mid-life crisis knocking on my door? If so, I wasted no time running to the door, throwing it open and proclaiming, "Hello! Please come right in!". Maybe it was boredom or a need to do something different. In any event, I'm back to a color very simular to my own ( THANK YOU LISA! ).
I actually have had somewhat of an active period since my last update. Here is a list of events that took place, though it is in no particular order, and by no means complete...
• Baked a blueberry pudding cake from scratch
• went to an outdoor vintage car/hot rod show with my friends Michael and Lisa
• changed the color of my hair
• watched Shakespere in the park
• changed the color of my hair
• watched "The Wedding Crashers"
• watched the first half of "Victor/Victoria"
• spent several hours in the studio painting
• fell into and managed to get out of a depression
• was interviewed for an article on the arts for a local paper
• drank Cosmos with George and Suzette
• practiced singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" for a holiday fund raiser in Nov.
• sketched in my visual journal
• read Tarot cards
• smoked 2 cigarettes
• had a Bellini for the first time
• had lunch at an Italian bistro
• sent out a PR email message about my annual art sale. Which reminds me....I need to post that on my site and place a link here.

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