Monday, July 31, 2006


HORTENSE HUMP, originally uploaded by tonto-kidd.

It's Monday. I am in the studio. Here is the latest mystery email that I have received just minutes ago:

"up her mind that questions were not helping; that what she had to say least partly an attempt to prevent its development. He had always Bible, with enormous print. Beside it, a magnifying glass. Pools of present. Seidevarre is a place I do not want time to touch. So I am such a pale, staring blueness. But now I was close to him I could see"

Hortense has nothing to do with the message. I just like it.


aaron said...

How strange.

I am currently reading a book, written by John Fowles, titled The Magus.

I googled the word "Seidevarre". Your blog was the third hit. Your mystery email contained the exact sentence I was reading.

sysprv said...

Curious, how surreal spam can be...