Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whats that on your head??

The day has almost ended and I’ve yet to place anything witty in my blog. I actually had a good studio day today and met with a client as well. But, while surfing this morning, I did have time to run across this...

Ahh - Wigs - What Fun!!! I love the caption here - “Be anyone in the world with your fashion Wig from Sears!”

For some reason, I just have a hard time placing the words “fashion wig” with “Sears” - but that’s besides the point. Lets see- there are slight visual clues in the background behind the three lasses that give clues as to where “in the world” they may be.

Mysterious Gina seems to have the Leaning Tower of Pisa behind her, cheeky Melissa has Big Ben, and free-spirited Michelle (who it appears enjoys wearing nothing in public but her wig) is from Paris.

Aren’t they all so clever in their wigs! Out of the 3, I guess I would most like to wear the “Gina” wig. It seems sassy yet carefree. Melissa’s wig makes her look like the local librarian assistant who longs for a romantic evening but is too shy to do anything but blink her big vapid eyes at you while she accidentally walks into a stack of old books incurring glares and a tirade of embarrassing “shhhsss” from the entire floor. Michelle’s wig, while alluring, smites of trouble with a capitol T. For one thing, she either likes to roam the streets of Paris completely topless, or she has just been pushed out the front door of an all-night discothèque without her blouse. She also has the look of someone who has just lifted some unfortunate’s wallet. She’s on the lam aright and no French Cop is gonna’ slow her down! Speaking of being on the lam - check out this young ladies wig...

This wig absolutely screams “bank robbery” - does it not? I see this lady as a Patty Hearst-esque good girl gone bad type.

I’m quite sure that this pistol pakin’ mama is hauling a sawed off shotgun in her purse. Her expression is so - desperate, is it not? What do you think the photographer had in mind when he said “yes, yes that‘s the look” to her? Or perhaps this is an actual freeze-frame close-up photo from a bank robbery from 1969.

Whatever the case, one look at those eye and you know that she would rather blow off the top o’ your head with her uzzi faster than you can say “eat lead” before surrendering to the FBI.

Her particular brand of wig is called the “Modacrylic”. I think in the 60’s, placing the prefix “mod” in front of any word helped to enhance it’s commercial appeal. It’s described as having, “curls, curls, curls for that “moppet” look”. Hmmm. It is also described as fitting “almost any head”. Hmmm…. Perhaps that explains the large and small Modacrylic carrying cases to the left. Or, perhaps one is for the wig, and the other for plastic explosives…..


Mandy said...

Ohhhh this one is fantastic! And for the record- I would most like to see you in "Gina" as well.
Me? I would choose Michelle. She seems to suit me- at least today. But I would like to add that I sure do admire Gina's ultra mod sun shades.
Now, Melissa's a drag, man. That doesn't mean that I think she looks like she's in drag, cause I don't. It's her Peter Pan collar and innocent smile that make her look like she's Dullsville on a Saturday night. That doesn't sit well with me.

Lori-Lyn said...

I think I would go with the Michelle, as well. Mostly because the Melissa reminds me of an actual wig that my actual mother wore throughout the seventies. (Although, being the seventies, it was much bigger.) Not that there's anything wrong with looking like my mom but, you know, I'd prefer that our wigs don't match.