Thursday, June 30, 2005

La Caricatura en Mexico eh???

Here's an interesting news item that would fall under the heading of "controversial". These are some new stamps issued recently in Mexico.

Hmmm... Hard core.

There are understandably many folks on this side o' the border though are quite upset about these postage pics, most notably the
Rev. Jesse Jackson. The word in Mexico is that these stamps are in homage to a very popular Mexican cartoon character who was first created and published in the early 1940's.

I have read in some articles where it has been implied that they find him no more offensive than this popular American cartoon character who first appeared in 1953...


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bart said...

Hey... interesting blog, bits and pieces from my younger years.

Oh dear, the stamps... much ado about nothing in the end. Come on, where is America's sense of humour gotten to or are we so politically correct we don't dare condone satire/irony/ambiguity any more either...