Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In Memoriam....

In Memoriam
Anne Bancroft
Sept. 17, 1931 - June 6, 2005
This brilliant actress was one of my favorites. As an artist myself, I had always kept a little spark of hope in my mind that one day I would be able to meet her just to tell her how amazing I thought her work was. Now, she will live on in eternity and on the screen, brightening all that witness her magic. She will be sorely missed.


Lori-Lyn said...

When I heard that she had died, I came here because I knew you would be memorializing her beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Well said!

I love me some of her and am sad to see her go so soon. (73 sure ain't what it used to be!)

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!

Thank you for the memories and for your singular cinematic contributions.

What a talent. What a class act!

Rest in peace,


Anonymous said...

She was the best and a brilliant actress...i miss Anne

she rests at peace.