Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Keep driving! KEEP DRIVING!!!

Alas, I have been amiss in my posting for the last few days. First, there was the weekend, and then the Monday of recuperation after the weekend, Tuesday, and now, Wednesday.
I've enjoyed all of the last few days thoroughly, but for the sake of recap, I'll list some of the highlights (in no particular order) so that I can catch up to Wednesday. Some of these items may have images ( which are floating around willy nilly until I learn how to use the "blogger image upload" tool properly). Here goes...
  1. Weekend visit from Michael and Lisa ( see image taken by me with my cell phone while lounging on beach)
  2. Dogfish Head Beer
  3. A Bucket O' Thraser's Fries
  4. Violent Thunderstorms
  5. Cranium
  6. Margarita's
  7. French Jazz
  8. Mandy's new niece!
  9. Rescuing formerly bad paintings
  10. Great art discussions
  11. Amazing TAROT sessions
  12. Half-price burgers at Irish Eyes
  13. Boardwalk trek with fog

That's about most of it, I'm still a tad bit fuzzy this morning so I may have left some out. I did however want to close with this....

I discovered this craziness on Ebay this morning. This is an old postcard from my hometown. I'm guessing form the looks of it that this may be from the 1930's. They must have been around for quite some time because I have vague recollections of this place from the late 1960's/early 70's when we moved to BG.

I remember the disturbing display of country hams in the window. I may have even been in this macabre transparent vault of petrified flesh. I remember the acrid smoky scent of hundreds of glistening smoked pig carcasses gently swaying in the air from creaky oily ropes like a wind chime from hell. And the flies..oh God the flies!!!

According to the card, it happens to be the "largest country ham display" in the USA. This leads me to many questions....

If it really is the largest display of it's kind in the US, does that mean that there were others who just couldn't quite cut the mustard (ahem) with their display? If so, why did they not just add that one more country ham to the collection to create a true country ham display rivalry?

Why would anyone build such a gruesome collection in the first place, and then decide to build a motel to honor it? From the imagery on the card, there appears to be no business at the motel.

Perhaps this was too creepy even for road weary drivers of the 1930's passing through lil' ol' Bowling Green, KY. I can hear the conversation now...

"Look, honey, finally, there appears to be some sort of motel up ahead"
"Oh thank God. I'm exhausted"
"Wait a second...What? What the...?! Oh my God, no... Keep driving! KEEP DRIVING!!!"


Mandy said...

Hey- I know the Country Ham Motel! It was next door to Clark's- the waving clown ice cream place. Clark's is sadly gone now- they had the best peanut butter milk shakes- Angie used to get raisin milk shakes there??? I'm not sure if the Country Ham Motel is still around but I think it might be. I'm going to check soon and if it is I'll send you an updated "postcard..."

Lori-Lyn said...

I don't ever want to stay at a ham motel. Ever.