Monday, April 07, 2008

"Power Pug"

As you can see, I spent the last three days not adding posts on my blog. It wasn’t that I had any particular need to step away from the Sprouseart blog, it was just that I needed to spend a little extra time focused on some other projects. I actually had a rather full weekend, but now it’s late Monday afternoon/early evening, and I simply don’t fill like posting any of the details.

I’m sure however, if it was sunny and 75°F rather than the bleak and overcast 45°F that it has been for the last several days, I would feel a bit more inspired to do something – anything rather than sit in a chair and stare blankly at the steely grey sky counting my blasé sighs.

Truth be told, I was never much for sigh counting, no matter the dramatic appeal. I spent the majority of my time creating art during the last three days. The first of my two works is a small painting that I’ve entitled “Perplexities”. Like the other works from this series (which I call “Narratives”) I chose the title from a word in a sentence from a 1910 book that I own. I incorporated the sentence into the work, as I did with the other works from the series. In this particular work, the sentence, which reads “life had suddenly become a maze of perplexities”, appears in the upper right corner of the work.

The other work that I completed is a digital work entitled “Power Pug”. These are works that I have created as of late with the goal of them being a bit more commercially popular - a la “bread & butter” art – than my traditional paint on canvas works. The “digital pets” are more whimsical, cute, and smaller in size, and, since they are open ended prints, quite affordable for most folks.

While the "Digi-Pets" series are shamelessly aimed at the animal lover, I being one of them, I do feel that I have added an extra spark to these works that, at least according to friends and others who have seen them, make them rise above the fray of hard-core “cutesy” animal prints. And since it beats lying flat on my back and beckoning in sailors in off the street, I also offer personalized digital works featuring the faces of anyone’s beloved pet. Here’s “Power Pug”

Now, just in case you were wondering where you can get a print of these works, the links are here:"Power Pug" and "Perplexities" respectfully.

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