Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 1, 2008

Today is the first day of April, 2008. I woke just before the sun this morning. I managed to find my slippers and robe in the darkness before somnolently shuffling my way into the kitchen to start the coffee. The only light in the room was the pre-dawn bluish and violet glow that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I stood and silently and gazed out the window and witnessed the pink watercolor hues from the light of the rising sun stretch across the fading darkness of the morning sky. The room was silent except for the trickling sound of the stream of hot coffee filling the heated pot and the sweet warbling of a mockingbird hidden somewhere close by in shadow.

Not wishing to break the silence, I slowly and quietly opened the window just enough to let the morning air fill the room. A warm breeze fell across my face and I instinctively closed my eyes for a moment to breathe it in. It was perfumed with blooms of hyacinth and a distant light rain that had fallen at some point during the night. It was a magical and exotic scent that can only be experienced during the early morning in spring.

I stood there motionlessly and wordlessly just taking in the scent and watching the orange sun fill the room. As it occurred, my mind was also filled with the wonderful and exhilarating knowledge that winter had indeed passed and that today was the first day of the first full month of the spring of 2008.

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Superbadfriend said...

The sun was already peeking up over the high rises which block my view of Lake Michigan. Light streaming in, I could barely look beyond the French Doors without squinting. The heat was intense even if it was only 30 degrees out. I waited for the coffee to finish percolating while I ate a bowl of cranberry pecan granola. My naughty Ernie was debating jumping up onto the table. He was chasing a sun spot and was looking quite happy doing so. I let him jump up. He sprawled out onto the table and rolled onto his back letting the sun warm him. Hubby would freak if he witnessed this display of inappropriate manner of letting the cat lay on the dining table. We sat together watching the birds fight over seeds that had fallen from the bird feeder. Ernie cackled and then closed his eyes and napped. It was hard to get up. The thought of having to shower and dress was not very appealing. I was tempted to call in to work and take a day to myself. Alas, I caved. Dressed and left my little guy still sleeping with the tiniest hint of a smile on his little face.