Thursday, April 03, 2008

April 3, 2008

cem1, originally uploaded by sprouseart.

I find it frustrating and disheartening that the majority of visitors to this blog probably never actually view this blog. That's because, based upon examination of my visitor stats, that the majority of visits come from people doing image searches on or other search engines.

When someone makes an image search, and an image that is on my blog turns up as a hit on the engine, it counts as a visit to my blog, even though the only item that they have seen from the blog is that image and that image alone embedded in the search engine's hit page. Don't misunderstand me; I use the image search function often and think it a great tool, so I'm not advocating the end of the image search by any means. It's just that sometimes I feel that I'm creating my posts for no one but myself really. It's a rather lonely feeling, and frankly, I've never been fond of loneliness.


Anonymous said...

That is sad - I check your blog everyday with my coffee Michael. It's part of my daily routine. I think it's part of George's too for what it is worth. I suppose I could respond more, but I assume alot of people are reading this and well - it's your blog, They probably don't want to read my comments. Then there was that Hillary thing... HA! Anyway - I read it like I would calling a friend. I'm afraid your life is much more interesting than mine. Oh I suppose we have our fair share of outdoor adventures, but I think I'm the only one from the "old crowd" That is intersted in that anymore. I mean - how many times can I describe a blad eagle and be intersting? Well. Thanks for writing. Hugs-

Superbadfriend said...

Hey Baby, I loved your blog. I am always on a gazillion differnt computers, so you might not know it is me. I will be better about commenting!

Cheer up, dear. You are not alone. :-)