Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday...

I've been some what in a bit of a whirl wind of activity since my last blog entry for which I am quite pleased. I've always have been the type of person who likes staying busy. Most of the work has been involving some PR issue for myself which I am not at liberty to discuss at the moment.

I did want to pop briefly in order to make mention that today was/is the birthday of two important people in my life. First, my father would have been 71 on this day had he survived passed the age of 65. Secondly, my friend Tony hits 43 on this date. Tony have been close friends since we first met back in 1978 whilst in Junior High.

Needless to say, he and I have seen and experienced quite a bit together over the last 30 years. He and his lovely wife are quite busy with their very young boys as of late so we've not been able to communicate as frequently recently, but the connection is there nevertheless. He's one of a small group of other wonderful people that compose a very special "group" that has been an important part of my life for a very long time. You know who you are if you happen to be reading this - but, what the hell, here is the list, in no particular order...


Of course, there are many others that spring off from the list, but that is the "core" so to speak. I must admit however, that if anything, I am a man that has been blessed with an amazing, invaluable, and substantial list of close friends. Some I have known for many years, some just a few. Many of them have never met the others and often they have no concept of the others simply because of geographical locations. I tend to think that all of them would get along together fabulously (though I have had that proven wrong on a couple of occasions - but that's best saved for some snowy night before the fire) and that we could throw an amazing party. I'll have to work on that one.

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Anonymous said...

OHHHH I LOVE YOUR PARTIES> Can you have one Pleeaasssseeee!!!! Geez, what's up with my spelling lately one the comments page?