Monday, March 05, 2007

Evil Transgenderesque she-man with the initials AC who referred to John Edwards as a "faggot"

Whew - what a busy last few days I have had since my last visit here! But before I get to that I have to address a news event over the weekend really filled me with rage. This would be what I hinted at in the title of this post. I have decided not to use her name because I want to deny the skinny foul smelling goat what she wants the most which is publicity, that and, of course, real, non-surgically created female genitalia. However, I do feel the need to respond to what the she/he said. Basically, she referred to John Edwards as a "faggot" during one of her speaking engagements. With no offense to legitimate prostitutes, AC, of course, said these words because she is a media whore - maybe not even a media whore, perhaps just a basic whore. I don't want to spend a lot of time on this hate mongering shoe scrapping, but I was able to find a photo of her that I would like to share. It's several years old (she's much older than she looks - but don't look too closely due to the risk of turning to stone). It appears that she may be at some sort of fund raiser in the photo. Maybe its for her boyfriend or father (or boyfriend/father - think Chinatown) who is seen standing next to her. In any event, you'll get a great idea of where the ho's heart and mind is from this image o'de past -

Now, several of my gay friends have informed me that if they didn't like the Democratic candidate chosen to lead us to victory in the White House, that they would support Giuliani because he has been supportive of gay rights and has close gay friends (even living with a gay couple after his breakup). Well, let them read the words of Glen Greenwald from Salon magazine and realize that Giuliani was there in the audience when AC spit shit out of her stained mouth! In my opinion, this is a valid guilt by association case and shows you where he really stands when the chips are down.

From Glen Greenwald of Salon Magazine - "Anyone who went to this event -- and that includes Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Dick Cheney -- knew exactly what they would be getting. Coulter's face was prominently plastered on the promotional material. The right-wing political candidates who accepted the invitations to speak there knew exactly the type of people would be there -- namely, the type who continuously cheer on Ann Coulter's bigoted and nakedly hateful screeds. Anyone who makes themselves a part of that event is purposely associating themselves with those sentiments. That is what this Conference is for"

Now, back to my busy weekend - our magazine, Le Chic Shac, came back from the printers a bit early, so I had to go into high gear on getting the web site up (I'm almost finished).

I also had some overnight guests on Friday night (close friends C and B) and their lovely 13 year old daughter - H). They drove in from Virginia on their way to NYC to pick up a pool table. Long story. In any event, due to traffic and what not, they weren't able to arrive until about 11:15 PM. We ended staying up to about 3 AM. I haven't done that in quite a while, and It took me most of the remainder of the weekend to catch up.

G cam in for the weekend as well, but arrived shortly after our friends departed for NYC. Other friends of ours, J&J, hosted a lovely dinner on Saturday evening in honor of G's birthday that they had missed the previous week at the beach. MB and her cousin KK were there as well and JT prepared one of her famous traditionally Italian meals to the raves of all of the guests.

I spent a large chunk of Sunday afternoon going through the grueling process of trying to purchase our tickets to Italy from the USAirways website. It literally took hours, most of which was spent on hold. Finally, one of the technicians informed me that they were reformulating their systems that weekend and that they had been informing anyone who called that it would be best to wait until after Monday to order tickets online. However, I saw no such warning on their site nor did I hear any such warning, recorded or live, during the 14 years that I spent waiting on hold. In any event, I finally was able to complete the process. Now, I have questions about frequent flier miles. Hmm...

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