Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday - it just is what it is

Because flickr wasn't working properly yesterday afternoon, I wasn't able to post my Self-Portrait Tuesday image. So, I'm posting it today instead. Here tis -

I downloaded the latest version of Firefox replacing an earlier version on my Mac and I must admit, I wish I hadn't. Several bits of functionality that I enjoyed in the earlier version are missing from version I wonder if I can find the earlier version somewhere.

I was offered two solo exhibits yesterday to take place later this Summer (one in June and the other in August). I was happy to accept the offers and am looking forward to spending quite a bit of time in the studio, much of which will be documented here I suppose. The news lifted me out of a slight funk that had enveloped my head over the last couple of weeks. I'm sure it's seasonal with a tinge of mid-life crisis mixed in.

In fact, I was really quite blue Monday -

But I snapped out of it. Truth is, I'm feeling much better now.

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