Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Self-Portrait Tuesday and arguments from beyond the grave

It's Self-Portrait Tuesday folks...

There I am catching the light of the rising sun as it came streaming into my window. Though I slept well last night, I can't shake this very realistic dream in which I was having very heated arguments with both of my parents over rather deep seated unresolved issues. I use the term "unresolved" because these were issues that I have never had a discussion about with my parents, and frankly, never will, since both have been dead for several years now.

In the dream, I was back in the house where I was raised though I was my current adult age. My parents appeared to be in their mid 40's. On oddity of the dream is that they were never in the same room with each other. I kept having to walk from room to room to speak with them seperately. It's possible, though unclear as the dream grows more and more foggy with each passing waking second of the morning, that I was having two different and distict heated discussions with each parent. In fact, I'm not sure that either were aware of the other's presence.

Though the dream felt somewhat cathartic in a very minute sense, overall, it was not an enjoyable experience and certainly not the type of "dream visitations" that one reads about in books prefaced by Oprah and Deepak. Though, to be fair, I have had those experiences in the past and found them very enjoyable.

In any event, let this serve as a message to any whom may stumble across this post, if you've unresolved issues with your parents, or others of importance in your life, don't wait for a nocturnal visitation from beyond the grave to hash it out, do it now. In fact, with those written words, I've realized that there are a couple of people that I may need to contact today.

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