Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh the horror of Orlon and attached belts

It's Saturday morning - almost 9:00 AM. We're off to DC today to celebrate the birthday of a friend. It's supposed to be a surprise, so - I'll hope that he has better things to do on a Saturday morning than to peruse my blog.
I have a major art sale in the works which is exciting, though there are several hoops to leap through, some of which may be on fire. I am confident, however, that I will be able to leap through them with agility and ease.

In the interim, feast your eyes upon this fashion nightmare from the not so distant yesteryear.

Oh, the horror! How was it possible for so many people to think that these hopelessly effete orlon sweaters would ever work? These models look like buffoons. I wonder what their first thoughts were when they stepped into the wardrobe room at the agency. After slipping into these ecru monstrosities with the odd adage of a useless, matching and attached belt, I wonder if they felt pretty and free from the suffocating confines of 1970's over the top machoism. It is possible, however, that one of my junior high mathematics instructors wore one of these hideous garments in the mid to late 70's. Very possible indeed...

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